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Print by Wynne Nevinson

British Modern Prints from the British Museum:

From the Great War to the Grosvenor School

10 February – 19 May 2017

Hoehn Family Galleries

Founders Hall

This exhibition will chronicle the graphic work of two of the most significant movements of early 20th century modern art in Britain: Vorticism and the Grosvenor School.  Selected from the world-renowned print collection of the British Museum, the exhibition will feature around sixty works by exemplars of British modernism including Edward Wadsworth, Charles Nevinson, Wyndham Lewis, Henry Gaudier-Breszka, Claude Flight, Cyril Power, and Sybil Andrews.   The exhibition will also highlight the formal and aesthetic innovations of each and will contextualize them in relation to their historical moments and the intellectual movements of their time.  British Modern from the British Museum: From the Great War to the Grosvenor School will familiarize American audiences with these significant bodies of work and their importance for avant-garde art practice in both the UK and their influence abroad.  No significant exhibition of this material has yet been seen in the western United States; From the Great War to the Grosvenor School will offer audiences the opportunity to view some of the best examples of this remarkable work drawn from the collection of one of the world’s most important museums.

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