The University Galleries steward several distinct collections: original prints, documentary photographs, and Native American art and material culture. Taken together these collections comprise roughly 5000 unique objects, from paleolithic tools to contemporary works of art. Our goal is to make these objects available to the USD community for study, research, discussion, and personal enjoyment.

University Print Collection

Since its creation in 1999 the University of San Diego’s Print Collection has served as a primary repository for prints from the fifteenth century through the present day. Located in the Hoehn Print Study Room, the Print Collection strives to represent the history of printmaking as well as its presence in contemporary artistic practice. Long misunderstood as a secondary art form, printmaking is featured at the University of San Diego as an independent artistic medium in its own right, worthy of celebration at the heart of a collection and a dedicated exhibition program.

The David W. May Collection

The David W. May American Indian Collection aims to cultivate the campus and the community's knowledge, awareness, and understanding of American Indians--especially those of the Southwest--through their art and material culture. Research is encouraged, both by the students and faculty of the University of San Diego, as well as academicians from the community. Presently the Collection is composed of over 2200 objects, including basketry, pottery, wood carvings, jewelry, textiles, paintings, fetishes, ceremonial costumes and accessories, stone tools, cradleboards, and dolls. These are used to explore Native American art and material culture, both past and present.

How to use the Collections:

Students can research objects for class projects or independent study.  Additional opportunities for using the collection, such as curating a Print Room Project, can be gained through an internship with University Galleries. 

Faculty can research objects for their own projects and find artworks that enhance their course curriculum or serve as the basis of class discussion. Professors are invited to bring classes into the Hoehn Print Study Room to view a custom set of selected artworks, or prints pulled by the Curator. 

Schedule a visit:

For the Print Collection, contact Print Curator John Murphy at

For the May Collection, contact Collections Manager Joyce Antorietto at