Curatorial Process

Installation view of the Hoehn Family Galleries

Originating Exhibitions

University Galleries proudly programs four distinct spaces across the USD campus, each with its own dedicated focus. Original exhibitions for these galleries are conceived of and created by University Galleries staff, occasionally in collaboration with partner institutions and museums. University Galleries does not accept or actively solicit exhibition proposals or proposals for traveling exhibitions.

Curatorial Focus

University Galleries’ programming is dedicated to providing the USD campus community with professional exhibitions that enhance the educational environment of the whole institution. For these reasons, we focus first on projects that 1) relate directly to the educational mission of the University, 2) enable us to pursue creative links to our faculty and the curriculum they teach, 3) involve students in innovative ways with the conception, development, and implementation of curatorial projects, and 4) hold exceptional potential to engage multiple audiences. University Galleries is further guided by the goals and priorities outlined in our strategic plan. At this time we are not considering any externally-generated exhibition proposals.


Like most professional museum programs, our exhibition schedule is planned 2-3 years in advance. Curatorial projects may take 1-2 years of research before being fully developed into an exhibition. Logistical planning for exhibitions begins at least one year in advance of project installation, depending on the complexity of the project. To allow for an adequate amount of time for the campus community to take full advantage of any exhibition, projects are installed and open to the public for a minimum of one month.