View of Game Changer installation

The University Galleries are the primary fine art and anthropology exhibition

venues at the University of San Diego.  Scattered throughout the length of the campus, the University Galleries—the Hoehn Family Galleries, David W. May Collection, the Fine Arts Galleries at the Kroc School, and the Hoehn Print Study Room—offer a wide variety of exhibition and educational programs during the academic year.  The public is always welcome and all regular programs are offered without charge.  Additionally, these spaces serve as active teaching laboratories for USD students and faculty.  Every project that is presented in the University Galleries aims to engage undergraduate and graduate students in thinking deeply about the role of visual and material culture in our lives.  Internship opportunities are available and participation is encouraged.  Finally, the University Galleries eagerly collaborates with colleagues in the Art, Architecture + Art History program around installations in its student gallery, with the Associated Students in relation to the Student Life Pavilion’s Exhibit Space, and with the Copley Library staff around special installations.   Almost a dozen exhibitions, small and large, take place on the University of San Diego each year as a result of this activity and thousands of visitors enjoy the opportunity to confront great expressions of culture in these venues.

Contact Information

University Galleries
Founders Hall 102
5998 Alcalá Park
San Diego, CA 92110

Phone: (619) 260-7516