Where is the food pantry located?

  • The pantry is located in Hahn University Center (UC) 116 between Commuter Commons and the Center for Student Success.

Who can receive access to the pantry?

  • Everyone! All USD students in need are encouraged to fill out the registration form to gain access to the space. Please email usdfoodpantry@sandiego.edu if you would like to fill out the registration form. 

When is it open?

  • Students can only access the pantry by appointment. Daily hours of operations vary. Once you register and are approved, you will receive a link to the appointment tool to select a time to stop by the pantry.

Why we require registration:

  • We are partners with the San Diego Food Bank, and to maintain this collaboration, we must report to them the number of unique users, and the number of visits to the pantry. Your personal name and any other information will NOT be shared. We track number of visits by the number of entries into the room. The lock on the room also provides you with privacy while you shop in the pantry and closet.

Why we ask the questions we do on the registration form:

  • The University of San Diego does not currently have any data on the number of students facing food and housing insecurity. Completing this form helps us build a case supporting the need for the pantry and other assistance at USD. This information will only be shared in aggregate. Your personal answers will NEVER BE SHARED or tied to your name.

Special needs:

  • If you have any special food needs, or dietary restrictions, letting us know that on the form helps us meet your needs. For example, a student mentioned that they were not sure they were getting all of the necessary vitamins through their food intake. This resulted in our purchasing vitamins, which now have become a popular item in the pantry.
  • If there are any specific food requests, please write them on the inside of the pantry on the left (i.e. green tea, Special K, etc.) and we can purchase it during the next shopping trip.