How to Apply for Scholarships

Where can I find outside scholarships?

How to Obtain an Application

  • Send a letter of inquiry to the organization for more information about the specific scholarship (Sample letter of inquiry)
  • Visit the organization’s website (They may have an application available to download)

Organize your Scholarship Applications

  • Buy separate folders for each individual scholarship
  • Make a list for each folder of the materials that need to be included along with the application
  • Make copies of the application before you fill it out in case you make any mistakes.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Make note of every deadline to ensure that it is submitted on time.  Apply early if possible.

The Scholarship Application

  • Follow the directions and do not leave any spaces blank.
  • Only include important information about yourself – cater each application to the organization.
  • Type your answers on the application if possible.
  • Make a copy of the whole application, prior to sending it, for your own records.
  • Double check that everything is filled out correctly.
  • If you are mailing the application, go to the post office and send it as certified mail or receipt mail to ensure its delivery.
  • Monitor your On Line Presence!

    According to a survey of scholarship granting organizations, about a quarter of scholarship providers evaluate the online presence of finalists before selecting which students will win scholarships. View the full article.

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