Financial Aid Steps of the Torero Countdown

California Licensure Exam Pass Rates

Per California Assembly Bill (AB) 2086, the following information is made available to provide access to California license examination passage rates for graduates of University of San Diego programs that require California licensure. Data will continue to be updated as California licensing and/or regulatory agencies make the data electronically available.

School of Leadership and Education Sciences - Teacher Credential Program Data

Financial Aid Web Pages

Online Financial Aid Applications

  1. FAFSA on the Web
  2. Renewal FAFSA on the Web
  3. To request a PIN
  4. Saving for College - Private College 529 Plan
  5. Financial Aid Information Page (This Web site has extensive information in financial aid and related topics)
  6. U.S. Department of Education The Student Guide to Financial Aid
  7. USD (Access to USD departments, financial aid and others)
  8. FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
  9. California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) (e.g., Cal Grant and other state programs)
  10. WebGrants For Students (Information about your Cal Grant)
  11. National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) (Detailed student loan information)
  12. Federal Student Loan Repayment Plans
  13. Mapping Your Future (CSAC Publication)
  14. Sallie Mae's Scholarship Search (Free Scholarship Search Tool - accurate, secure, and free of ads!)
  15. Federal Perkins/National Direct Student Loan Programs – Teacher Cancellation Benefits
  16. Entrance/Exit Loan Counseling
  17. Selective Service System (Registration information)
  18. Federal Loan Ombudsman
  19. Is it a Scam?
  20. Tax Breaks for Higher Education
  21. Higher Education Tax Benefits
  22. Edfund Money Management
  23. "Accumulating Money" - Money Management Tips and Information
  24. Helpful Money management information for all Students
  25. Impact of Drug Conviction on Federal Financial Aid Eligibility: Under the Higher Education Act, a student may become ineligible for federal student aid if convicted of possession and/or the sale of illegal drugs while enrolled as a student and receiving federal aid.

  26. Information about Losing and Regaining Financial Aid Eligibility for a Drug Conviction

Important Telephone Numbers

To Ask:

  1. If the FAFSA has been processed * (319) 337-5665
  2. About general information regarding federal aid,
    Questions about the Student Aid Report (SAR) ***(800) 4-FEDAID
    For hearing impaired with TDD availability ***(800) 730-8913
  3. About your Cal Grant, including residency requirements (888) CAGRANT (224-7268)
  4. About default management with ECMC (916) 526-7900
  5. About loans sold to Education Services (such as Academic Financial Services Association) (800) 835-4611
  6. About loans sold to Sallie Mae (such as United Student Aid Funds) (888) 272-5543
  7. About your Selective Service status (847) 688-6888
  8. For help with your federal loans: Federal Loan Ombudsman (877) 557-2575

To Request:

  1. A Duplicate Student Aid Report (SAR) or to add a school to a SAR** *(319) 337-5665
  2. Free copy of tax information (800) 829-1040
  3. Tax Transcript Order Line (800) 908-9946

*Central Time
**Must have DRN number, which is found on upper right hand corner of page 1 of SAR
***Eastern Time