US Bank One Card

The University of San Diego One Card is a University- sponsored U.S. Bank Visa credit card issued to qualified University employees at no charge. The One Card should be utilized for the following University business purchases: 1) travel and entertainment expenses including lodging, car rental, meals and other incidental costs and 2) low dollar orders of University business-related goods and merchandise.

USD-paid airfare is required to be booked online through Torero Travel and Expense or with a Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) agent. Booking airfare outside of our tool or contracted travel management agency will not be reimbursed or will be assessed as a personal expense to the employee. This applies to all USD-funds (operating, grant, endowment, etc.) and extends to students and guest travelers whose airfare will be paid out of USD-funds. CTP uses our University Lodge Card to process all airfare purchases, airfare transactions will not be on an individual cardholder statement; however, it will appear on their profile for proper reconciliation.

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