Finance Office

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Payment and Refund Policy

Class registration is not officially completed until all tuition, room, meal plan charges and fees are paid, except for those students who have enrolled in the University's Monthly Installment Plan.

The University may cancel reserved classes if the student does not complete fee payment by the assigned fee payment dates in August and January for the respective Fall and Spring semesters. Beginning Fall 2013, a monthly interest late fee of .8333 will be imposed on all students who do not complete fee payment by the deadline in the Academic Calendar. The monthly percentage of .8333 is calculated by dividing the 10% APR by 12 months.

Accounts paid by checks that are returned by the bank uncollected are not considered paid.

Any benefit derived from, or deadline met by remitting a check which is later returned by the bank, will become void.

Students account assessed with a $25 service for returned checks.

A monthly interest late fee, if applicable, may be charged to the student account if a check is returned.

Credit balances are refunded via direct deposit or paper check.

Please allow 2-5 business days for direct deposit to be credited to your bank account.

To sign up for direct deposit, please refer to the One Stop or Law School tab on the portal. (Strongly suggested)

Students not enrolled in direct deposit will receive a paper check in the US mail.

Credit balances resulting from a check payment are refunded 10 business days after payment is received.