Monthly Payment Plan Information

To establish payment plan (each semester):

  • Student's account balance must not be delinquent and prior semester charges must be paid.
  • Current semester tuition and fees must be billed.
  • Processing fee $50 (non-refundable)-per semester.


Installment Payment Plan

  1. Log into portal
  2. Under the Torero Hub click on "My Student Account" page
  3. Locate the "My Online Student Account" Channel
  4. Click on Enroll in Installment Payment Plan

Have Questions? Watch the Enrolling in an Installment Plan for your Tuition Payments Tutorial.

Terms and Conditions

  • Contract amount subject to adjustments, covering actual expenses per semester
  • Adjustments made to remaining contract payments as charges and/or credits occur
  • Charges for various fines, citations or other non-contractual charges are payable immediately
  • Eligibility is subject to verification of prior contract plan
  • If prior contract defaulted, USD may refuse the student or contract buyer a subsequent monthly installment payment plan
  • All installment payments must be current

Automatic Payment Plan

  1. Log into portal
  2. Click on "My Student Account" page under the Torero Hub tab
  3. Locate the 'My Online Student Account' Channel
  4. Click on Enroll in Installment Payment Plan
  5. After completing your 1st installment payment and $50 per-term enrollment fee, you may sign up for automatic bank draft or ACH
  6. Select Auto Payment Option

Please click the Auto Payment Plan Terms and Conditions for a detailed description of Terms and Conditions.

Note: If a student's installment plan is not kept current, the university reserves the right to cancel the student's class reservation and room and meal plan arrangements and/or assess late payment fees.

Deferment Contract

Payment deferments are no longer required. Please ensure the student account is either paid in full or the student enrolls and is current on the USD installment payment plan.

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