Vehicles and Travel, International

Driving in Mexico on University Business

The Mexican Travel Insurance program is primarily written to cover USD vehicles that are driven into Mexico.  Faculty and staff with positions that require border crossing may utilize this coverage for their personal vehicles.

Coverage is based on three critical factors:

  • Completion of the Mexican Insurance ID prior to the trip.
  • Keep a copy of the form in the vehicle throughout the trip.
  • Report the accident while still in Mexico.

Vehicle Insurance Confirmation for Mexico

Travel to Mexico

Due to the ongoing drug trafficking related on-going violence in Mexico, all travelers are advised to review the State Department’s most recent travel warnings. (see link below). All faculty and staff advisors who are leading student trips into Mexico should review that warning during the orientation of the students, provide copies to the students and have them sign the special Student Activity Waiver.

Student Activity Release (Mexico)

Rented Vehicles

  • The University's automobile insurance coverage will not respond to claims for damages or injuries occurring in foreign countries.
  • It is the responsibility of the University of San Diego employee renting the vehicle to secure the full line of applicable automobile insurance coverage required to operate a vehicle in all countries where the car will be driven.
  • If a vehicle is rented in the United States to conduct business on behalf of USD in a foreign country, the agency renting the vehicle must be notified in advance (by the USD employee who will be operating the vehicle) that the vehicle will be driven in a foreign country.   Appropriate insurance coverage must be purchased at the time of rental.
  • All employees driving vehicles in foreign countries are responsible for knowing and complying with the vehicle laws of that country including applicable insurance requirements.

International Health Insurance and Emergency Assistance

USD provides health insurance and emergency medical and security assistance to faculty, staff and students who travel internationally on University related business or study. Health insurance is primary to applicable personal coverage and is designed to respond to emergent health needs.  Routine care is not provided. Please see additional coverage details via the link below.

Each traveler must register their trip with the International Center prior to departure; groups may be registered by the group leader.  Registration Information includes name(s) of travelers, destination, beginning date and duration.  Once the trip is registered, health insurance documents will be provided by the International Center (ext. 4598). For School of Law students, faculty or staff, contact Graduate and International Programs at (619) 260-4596 or

International Insurance Information and ID Card

Resources for current information on State Department travel restrictions and other international travel information include:

NACUBO International Research Center: (multiple resources for business abroad)
U.S. Department of State:    (Foreign consulates, student visa and passport)
Center for Disease Control: (Vaccine information and traveler's health)