University and Personal Property

Individual departments are required to maintain an active inventory of equipment and furnishings within their control. The University Design department is responsible for the inventory, placement and control of all fine arts properties.

University property and equipment shall be maintained in a safe and usable manner at all times.  When problems are noted, they should be reported promptly to the area supervisor and/or Facilities Management.  When the problem presents a safety hazard, the item shall be labeled as damaged and removed from the area and shall not be used until it is repaired.  For more information, please also see the University’s illness and injury prevention program.

Repair and/or replacement costs for damaged or lost equipment or furnishings may be charged back to the departmental budget, up to the cost of the applicable insurance deductible.

Employees and/or students shall be appropriately trained prior to using equipment.  In accordance with CAL-OSHA regulations, some training requires annual review.  Department managers are responsible for maintaining training-related documents.

University owned equipment may be loaned to employees for their short-term personal use for a designated time period only with the advance written approval of the department manager. A request by an employee or student to borrow University-owned equipment may be granted or denied by the University in its sole discretion. Students may borrow University-owned equipment for class or student-related projects or assignments only with the advance written approval by the appropriate faculty member or student group advisor. The written approval shall confirm that the employee or student is trained on the care and use of the equipment. The borrowed or loaned item must be returned promptly by the employee or student within the required time period, or after the conclusion of the use, whichever is sooner.  The equipment will be inspected when it is returned to ensure that it is returned in proper condition. The employee or student is responsible for repair or replacement of any damaged or lost items. 

Personal Property

The University is not responsible for damage to or loss of personal property or personal vehicles of employees, students or visitors unless the damage or loss is due to University negligence. Employees, students and visitors are encouraged to insure their personal property and vehicles through appropriate personal insurance policies. Personal inventories should be maintained.

Leased, Rented and Agreed Usage of Third Party Property, Equipment or Facilities

If proof of insurance is required by a contract with a third party vendor or host facility or owner, the University shall provide the appropriate certificates of insurance. The department ordering the equipment or arranging the use of property or a facility is responsible for ordering the certificate of insurance.  See Request for Certificate of Insurance

Theft or Damage to Property

Report theft/damage of all property to Public Safety (ext. 7777) immediately. For University owned or leased property follow the following guidelines:

  • Do not disturb area until notified by Public Safety that it is alright to do so.
  • Notify Risk Management (extension 2928) of the incident and provide an inventory of stolen/damaged property including, when applicable:
    • Serial number
    • Make and/or model
    • Manufacturer
    • Replacement cost
  • Public Safety will provide a copy of the incident report to Risk Management.
  • Risk Management will notify the insurance broker of the theft/damage if the loss is greater than the deductible
  • Department owning property will be responsible for the replacement of the property up to the amount of the insurance deductible.

University Facilities

Use of University facilities by University employees and/or students for social or organizational gatherings shall be coordinated through the applicable facility manager. Repair of damages done to the facility may be charged back to the sponsoring department or organization.

All third parties that contract for the use of University facilities are required to show proof of adequate general liability insurance, with the University named as an additional insured. If the event includes participation of minors, the general liability coverage must include sexual molestation coverage.  Additional insurance requirements may be added depending upon the type of event. The minimum amounts of required insurance may vary, depending on the event. For additional information, please refer to the vendor/contractor insurance requirements documents in the Forms section of this website or contact Risk Management.