Student and Visitor Risk Issues

Accident/Incident Reporting Procedures

A student or visitor, who has had an accident, needs emergency medical attention or requires other assistance, should call the Public Safety emergency number at ext. 2222. For non-emergencies, call ext. 7777. The responding officer will assess the situation, coordinate assistance and write a report.

It is important to note that USD does not provide accident or medical insurance coverage for students or visitors. Students not covered by their family’s medical or property insurance are strongly encouraged to purchase individual policies. Information regarding medical insurance available for student purchase can be obtained from Student Affairs.  

New Event Registration and Approval Process for all Student Organizations and Clubs

ALL Student Clubs/Organizations holding any event on campus must register their event and undergo an approval process. Event registrations can be submitted using the online Event Registration Form, found at

Student Activities and Student Organization Events

Students participating in voluntary extra-curricular activities are required to sign a waiver/disclaimer and release of liability form. If the student is younger than 18 years, a parent or guardian must sign the form in order for the student to participate. Some activities may require that students provide evidence of medical insurance.

Click here to review and print the agreement and release of liability form.

Field Trips and Voluntary Field Activities

A field trip is an off-campus educational/instructional/service experience provided to students.  Field trips may be voluntary or part of course requirements.  All participants of voluntary trips must sign a Student Activity Liability Release.

Student Activity Liability Release Form

Whether voluntary or part of course requirements, all field trips have inherent risks.  It is the responsibility of the instructor/leader to inform all participants of the potential hazards and risks of participation and to adequately advise the participants of pre-trip preparations, equipment and/or supplies that will be needed, conduct expectations, etc.  University employees must exercise reasonable care to protect and supervise students while they are participating in a field trip.  Instructors/leaders are advised not to transport students in their personal vehicles (See Use of Personal Vehicles above.)  Unless University owned vehicles or chartered vehicles are used, students are required to arrange their own transportation.  Students who wish to share rides must make these arrangements independently.

Summer Programs and Camps

Participants in summer programs and camps are required to provide evidence of medical insurance coverage. In addition, a waiver/disclaimer and consent for treatment form signed by the participant (or parent/guardian, if participant is younger than 18 years) are required. These forms are available in the office of the Program Director.