General Liability

Departments engage in many activities that have the potential to increase the University's exposure to risk. Contact Risk Management at extension 2928:

  • In any situation when the university's insurance coverage or liability is in question.
  • Before planning a special project or event, to verify if insurance coverage is provided or is required.
  • Before hiring an outside contractor or vendor who uses hazardous materials or equipment.

USD organizations do not need proof of insurance to host events on campus. They are covered by the university. The one exception to this is the Greek Organizations who are insured through their national chapters.
When USD co-hosts events or allows outside organizations to host events on campus, the outside organization is required to provide a certificate of insurance for commercial general liability insurance naming USD as an additional insured. In a co-host situation, the outside organization usually will require the same from USD. Follow the steps in the next section to acquire this.

Contracts and Certificates of Insurance

  • Only an authorized agent of the University may sign a contract that obligates the university.  All contracts that include insurance and indemnification clauses must be reviewed by the University’s legal counsel and/or Risk Management before they are signed. All contracts must adhere to the Contract Signature Authority policy (2.10.5).
  • Prior to using off-campus facilities for special events, classes and seminars, the owner of the facility often requests USD supply them with a certificate of insurance naming their organization or company as additional insured.  The sponsoring department may obtain the certificate of insurance by completing the Request for Certificate of Insurance and faxing it to the number shown on the form. The following information will be required:
    • Name of party to be named as "additional insured.
    • Name and location of facility to be used.
    • Name of facility contact person, mailing address, fax and phone numbers.
    • Amount of coverage requested, if known.
    • Date of event and length of time facility is to be used .
    • Activity or purpose.
    • Name and contact information of USD employee arranging event.

Vendors and Contractors On Campus

Prior to commencing any work, a vendor or contractor who performs work on campus shall provide proof of insurance coverage in the amounts and types required by the University. Current requirements are available through the Risk Management web site (see Vendor Insurance Requirements). Any vendor or contractor who performs work on campus is expected to comply with all University policies and procedures that apply to outside vendors or contractors, as well as all University policies and procedures that apply to the specific work performed.

Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP)

Persons or organizations who wish to utilize USD facilities must provide proof of general liability insurance with minimum limits of $1 million per claim. If the event will involve minors, the insurance must include sexual molestation defense coverage  USD must be named as an additional insured on the policy. If the organization does not carry this type of coverage or this minimum limit, they may purchase appropriate coverage through a recognized vendor. Click here for further information and the access code.

International General Liability Insurance Coverage

The University provides general liability coverage for damage to property of others that occurs during the course of international programs. The Risk Management office must be notified as soon as feasible of all damage to property of others and the potential for claims.


In the case of vehicle accidents or other incidents involving the Mexican police, the involved parties may be placed in police custody until proof of ability to pay for damages can be provided. All faculty, staff and students traveling to Mexico on University business should carry the ACE insurance card with them at all times. Contacting the number on the card for EuropAssist will initiate access to an attorney familiar with Mexican laws. 

If placed into custody, contact the indicated number and, as soon as feasible contact the USD Public Safety Department to notify them of the situation. (619 260-2222)