Petty Cash Funds

On occasion, a temporary petty cash fund becomes necessary to make change at university events or to pay small, university related expenses in cash. Departments requesting a temporary petty cash fund should follow these steps.

Step 1: Complete a Petty Cash Voucher

Temporary petty cash advances up to $100 can be processed at the Cashier’s Office in Hughes Center 211. The Petty Cash Voucher must be signed by the requestor and approved by the requestor’s supervisor and Budget Administrator. Petty cash advances exceeding $100 must also be approved by either the Office of Budget and Treasury or the Controller’s Office.

Step 2: Safeguard the Petty Cash

Refer to the Cash Handling Procedures for guidelines on safeguarding university cash.

Step 3: Settle the Petty Cash Advance

All petty cash advances must be settled with original receipts and/or returned to the Cashier’s Office within five business days of the advance. If settling petty cash with original receipts, include the business purpose of the transaction and all persons involved.