Becoming a Cash Collection Point

Departments interested in becoming a certified Cash Collection Point should follow these steps.

Step 1: Identify the People Who Will Handle Cash

Any university employee with responsibilities for managing university cash receipts and those employees who are entrusted with the receipt, deposit, and reconciliation of cash for university related activities should know understand the Cash Handling Procedures.

Step 2: Complete a Request Form

After reading the Cash Handling Procedures, complete the Request to Establish a Cash Collection Point. All requests must be approved in writing by the Dean or Department Head, and submitted to the Controller’s Office at

Step 3: Certification

The Controller’s Office will contact the requestor to understand the justification for establishing a Cash Collection Point. Once the requesting department has demonstrated its ability to comply with the university’s stated internal controls, the Cash Collection Point will become certified. Note that all certified Cash Collection Points are subject to random inspection and ongoing audits by the University Auditor.