Travel and Entertainment Card (T and E Card)

The University of San Diego Travel and Entertainment Card (“T&E Card”) is a university-sponsored US Bank Visa credit card issued to qualified University employees at no charge. The T&E Card should be utilized for all travel and entertainment expenses including airfare, lodging, car rental, meals and other incidental costs. The T&E Card should be used exclusively for university business purposes. Personal transactions on the card are strictly prohibited unless they are incurred as part of a business transaction. In those cases, personal charges are the personal responsibility of the cardholder.

The T&E Card is issued directly to university employees, making the university employee personally responsible for the timely payment of all charges made on the T&E Card. All travel and entertainment expenses charged to the card should be reported to Procurement Services on an expense report promptly so payments can be made to US Bank by the university in a timely manner. Cardholders should reconcile their statement and/or charges at least once monthly to ensure that charges are legitimate and that payments are made to US Bank on a timely basis.

The goal of the T&E Card program is to reduce the need for out-of-pocket expenses. The program streamlines the university's expense reimbursement process through direct payment to US Bank. The program also facilitates compliance to university and IRS procedures with regard to substantiation of business expenses. Cardholders are strongly encouraged to use their T&E Cards for business purposes whenever possible to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and to ease travel and entertainment transactions.

Eligibility Requirements

A full-time employee is eligible to obtain a T&E Card if he/she:

  • obtains approval from his/her supervisor and budget administrator AND
  • travels on university business on a regular basis OR organizes or participates in official university events or functions (e.g., local business meals, conferences, etc.)

Students, student employees, and non-employees are not eligible to obtain a T&E Card.

Obtaining a T&E Card

To obtain a card, individuals must:

  1. Complete the Travel and Entertainment Card Application (PDF).
  2. Personally attend a T&E Card Orientation Session.
  3. Sign a Travel and Entertainment Cardholder Agreement (PDF).

The cardholder is required to read the Travel and Entertainment Card Procedures (PDF) and adhere to all guidelines therein. Cardholders must also have an active email address.

Statement Availability

All corporate card account cycles end on the 25th of each month. If the 25th falls on a weekend or bank holiday the accounts will cycle the following business day. Cardholder account statements are read within 24 hours of the cycle end date.

Please visit to access your T&E card or Procard account.

The statement will be ready within 24 hours of the dates listed below:

Month-Yr  Day
Jan-12 25
Feb-12 27
Mar-12 26
April-12 25
May-12 29
June-12 25
July-12 25
Aug-12 27
Sept-12 25
Oct-12 25
Nov-12 26
Dec-12 26


Contact the T&E Card Administrator:
Phone (619) 260-2302

Additional Information