Accounts Payable

Warren Hall

The Office of Accounts Payable is responsible for processing and distributing payments for university business-related goods and services. On behalf of university college/schools and departments, Accounts Payable:

  • Ensures expenditure compliance with policies/procedures set forth by the university, sponsored projects, the Internal Revenue Service, and the State Board of Equalization
  • Administers university expenditure policies and maximum reimbursable rates for non-employees
  • Accrues and pays sales/use tax on taxable items
  • Reviews and approves payment requests for non-employee reimbursements, stipends and honoraria
  • Issues invoice payments to vendors/suppliers
  • Processes independent contractor payments and issues 1099s
  • Issues student refund checks

All documentation for external payments should be sent to for review from Procurement. Procurement will route to Accounts Payable internally for issuances of payment. Please refrain from submitting duplicate paper copies or sending documents to