Resources and Guides

Thank you for your interest in the Oracle resources and guides made available by the Office of Accounting. We have prepared reference documents and training manuals for your ease in performing the financial responsibilities associated with your job.

Please note: Access to the Oracle applications will only be granted after you complete the appropriate training classes. See the Oracle Training Classes web page for additional information.

POETS Pointers Reference Guide (Excel)
Oracle Project Accounting utilizes the POETS coding string (Project, Organization, Expenditure Type, Task, and Source). We have therefore developed the POETS Pointers Reference Guide that lists all possible segment values for the POETS coding string. In addition, we have developed two lists of expenditure types with definitions; one for salary types and another for all other available expenditure types.

Oracle Training Manual for Purchase Requisitions (PDF)
This training manual walks users step-by-step through the creation and approval process of the electronic purchase requisition. This manual also includes detailed instructions for Project Managers.

Oracle Training Manual for Project Accounting (PDF)
This training manual is written for Project Managers and Project Maintenance users responsible for overseeing a department, grant or restricted gift budget. Steps to obtain available budget dollars, actual expenditures and invoice details are outlined in this manual, along with detailed instruction on modifying the look of your Oracle screens. Steps to exporting data queried from the Oracle database are also outlined.

Noetix Training Manual for Financial Reporting (PDF)
This training manual provides users basic instruction on the Noetix financial reporting system. Users are shown how to identify, create, and export a Noetix financial report into Microsoft Excel.

We welcome and appreciate your feedback with respect to these materials or any other materials you feel would help the university community in meeting its financial needs.