Fall 2020 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Enrollment On and Off Campus

The most common measure of enrollment is a simple headcount of students enrolled in classes. Enrollment can also be measured as full time equivalent (FTE) students, a calculation showing how many students would be attending if all were enrolled full time. The FTE calculation is based on the sum of credits carried by all students at a particular level enrolled in classes, divided by the number of credits in a full-time load. Occasionally undergraduate students take graduate level courses and vice versa.

  • 1 FTE undergraduate student = 15 credits
  • 1 FTE graduate or paralegal student = 12 credits
  • 1 FTE law school student = 14 credits

Most classes are held on the USD campus, but some are not. Examples of credits earned off campus are studies abroad, web-based instruction, and classes taught in other locations.

The FTE enrollments (rounded) for Fall 2020 are:

Level  On Campus*  Off Campus*    Total
Undergraduate 5480.6     4.1 5484.7
Paralegal    97.5     0    97.5
Graduate 1153.2  481.8 1635.0
Law School*   800.0     1.1   801.1
Total FTE Students 7531.3  487.0 8018.3

*For Fall 2020, many programs are offering courses as hybrid or fully remote. The figures on this table represent what would be occurring in a more typical Fall semester for programs that are traditionally offered on campus.

**Law School includes students in J.D. (doctoral) and L.L.M. (master's) programs.