Race/Ethnicity of Students: Federal Reports

Effective 2010-11, the US Department of Education changed collection and reporting standards for race/ethnicity data. Students must now answer two questions:

  1. Do you consider yourself to be Hispanic/Latino?
  2. In addition, select one or more racial categories to describe yourself.

For federal reporting, a student who selects "Hispanic/Latino," either alone or combined with one or more race categories, is reported as "Hispanic/Latino." Students who select only one race category are reported in that category, and those who select more than one race are reported as "Two or More Races." A new category for "Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander" has been separated from "Asian."

Race and ethnicity are reported only for U.S. citizens and permanent residents; international visitors must be reported as a separate category. The table below shows the distribution of students enrolled Fall 2011. Percentages for minority students at the bottom of the table are based on the total number of students enrolled, not the total number of categories selected.

Ethnicity Undergrad Paralegal Graduate Law* Total
Hispanic or Latino 17% 29% 12% 11% 16%
Race Undergrad Paralegal Graduate Law* Total
American Indian or Alaska Native <1% <1% 1% <1% <1%
Asian 6% 6% 8% 15% 8%
Black or African American 2% 4% 5% 1% 3%
Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander <1% <1% <1% <1% <1%
White 57% 55% 52% 59% 56%
Two or more races 5% 2% 3% 4% 5%
Other Undergrad Paralegal Graduate Law* Total
Unknown 6% 3% 13% 6% 7%
International on visa 6% 0% 6% 3% 5%
Total Students Enrolled 5493 214 1526 1084 8317

* Law includes students in JD (doctoral) and LLM (master's) programs.