Six-Year Graduation Rates for First-time, Full-time Fall Freshmen

All universities strive to retain and graduate their admitted students. The federal government's primary measure of student success is the percentage of new full-time freshmen that graduate within six years from the school they entered.

The table below presents three-year averages of the number of new full-time freshmen who entered USD in 2001, 2002, and 2003, and also the average numbers that graduated within six years. The table reports these figures for all new freshman, by gender, by race/ethnicity, and for Pell Grant recipients.

We use three-year averages of cohort size and graduation rate to smooth the variation for small populations.

Category Size of
Grad By
6 Years
% of
All Freshmen 1037.7 772.0 74%
Male 356.0 267.0 75%
Female 681.7 505.3 74%
American Indian/Alaska Native 15.7 12.0 77%
Asian or Pacific Islander 80.7 60.3 75%
Black or African American 23.0 12.7 55%
Hispanic or Latino 169.3 122.0 72%
White 711.7 539.0 76%
International 14.7 9.7 66%
Pell Grant recipients 163.0 115.0 71%

*Graduation rates for recipients of subsidized Stafford loans will first be available for the 2008 cohort.