Career Destinations, 2007-08 Graduates

After graduating with the bachelor's degree, most students either enter the world of work or continue their education in graduate or professional schools. USD conducts an annual survey to learn about the career choices made by undergraduate students who were awarded bachelor's degrees during the previous academic year. The survey is conducted online, beginning six months after the May graduation ceremony.

What are the graduates doing? The majority of those who responded to the survey chose employment immediately after graduation.

Current Status
73% Employed (graph)
20% Enrolled in graduate or professional school (graph)
6% Seeking employment
1% Travel, volunteer work, personal commitments
Over 40% of the employed respondents received a job offer before graduating.
Received First Job Offer
47% Before graduating
37% Within three months after graduating
13% Four to six months after graduating
3% More than six months after graduating
Of those respondents employed full time, 76% shared their annual salaries.
Annual Salaries
Average: $45,900
Median: $48,000
Range: $14,000 – $142,500
Although most graduates chose employment, 77% of those currently employed expected to return to graduate school at some time in the future.
Plans for Further Education
15% Are actively applying to graduate or professional school
62% Plan to enroll in the next few years
23% Have no immediate plans for further education