Headcount and FTE Enrollment

The most common measure of enrollment is a simple headcount of students enrolled in classes. Enrollment can also be measured as full time equivalent (FTE) students, a calculation showing how many students would be attending if all were enrolled full time. The FTE calculation is based on the sum of credits carried by all students enrolled in classes at a particular level, divided by the number of credits in a full-time load:

  • 1 FTE undergraduate student = 15 credits
  • 1 FTE graduate or paralegal student = 12 credits
  • 1 FTE law school student = 14 credits

Based on these calculations, the headcount and FTE (rounded) enrollment for Fall 2005 are as follows:

Level Headcount FTE
Undergraduate 4970 4886
Graduate 1414 875
Law School* 1164 1026
Total Students 7548 6787

* Law School includes students in J.D. (doctoral) and LL.M. (master's) programs.