Minor Capital Outlay

Minor capital outlay is generally considered construction-type projects with a range of cost between $25,000 and $1 million. Projects that exceed that limit are considered major projects and do not fall under this category.

Facilities Management will be available to assist the Deans and Department heads with technical questions related to the development of individual request. For procedures on developing a project see the University design procedures.

Once the President approves a project, the Facilities committee of the Board will review and authorize expenditure level. Project will then be undertaken based on priority and access to the space in question. Facilities Management will advise the Vice Presidents on the proposed construction projects and timing. Project construction will then continue year round.


Category 1: Projects to correct life threatening security/code deficiencies, to meet contractual obligations, or to reduce USD legal liability.

Category 2: Projects to meet retroactive code requirements or to correct other health and safety deficiencies.

Category 3: Projects to maintain academic programs by ensuring continuation of current services or by reducing program deficiencies.

Category 4: Projects to enhance academic program that will result in incorporating new or additional courses in campus curricula.

Category 5: Projects to accomplish general improvements, including utility/site development and improvements to non-instructional support facilities.