Policies and Procedures

It is the policy of the University to maintain a work environment free of physical and health hazards to the greatest extent possible. Employees, supervisors and department heads, the Environmental Health and Safety office and the Director of Human Resources (HR) share responsibility for the maintenance of a safe work environment.

Employees are defined as anyone receiving compensation from the University for performance of services and include all faculty, staff, administrators, part time, temporary, occasional and student workers.

Employees must be made aware that there will be no reprisals for reporting safety or health hazards.

Implementation procedure

Individual employees are responsible for performing their work in a safe manner and for reporting any unsafe equipment, working condition, process or procedure or any injury to their supervisors immediately.

The office of Environmental Health and Safety and the Director of Human Resources are responsible for assisting supervisors in developing and implementing the University's various environmental health and safety programs.

Supervisors are responsible for:

  1. Knowing the requirements of the University's hazardous substances communications program.
  2. OSHA lab standards in the case of academic and research laboratories.
  3. Knowing the requirements of and ensuring compliance with the University's injury and illness prevention program.
  4. Knowing the safety requirements for all tasks in their unit or area.
  5. Ensuring that new employees are properly instructed in safe performance of their duties, and keeping all subordinates informed of required safety practices.
  6. Ensuring that all employees, including temporary employees, are properly instructed as required by the University's hazardous substances communications program and/or the OSHA lab standard.
  7. Ensuring that training is completed before the use of, or exposure to, any hazardous material. This is mandatory not only for new employees, but for all employees who use or are potentially exposed to hazardous substances in the course of their assigned employment activities.
  8. Ensuring that the workplace is free of unnecessary hazards.
  9. Seeking advice from the office of Environmental Health and Safety whenever the need arises.
  10. Ensuring that an injured employee receives proper and immediate medical treatment.
  11. Promptly notifying the department of Public Safety of accidents involving staff members and of physical facilities or equipment involved in the accident.
  12. Promptly and thoroughly investigating the circumstances of any accident.
  13. Promptly initiating corrective action in all cases of deliberate and/or continued violation of safety rules.