Drivers Training

Any employee or student who intends to operate a University vehicle must receive safety training and proper authorization before getting behind the wheel. Please complete the steps outlined below to be included in the Authorized Driver Roster for the type of vehicle you will be driving. Contact information for this program’s administrators is listed in the FAQ’s below.


University Vehicles

The Department of Risk Management maintains an Authorized Drivers Roster of employees and students approved to drive University-owned vehicles. Authorized drivers must possess a valid driver's license and meet the insurability standards of the University's vehicle insurance carrier. Insurability Criteria can be reviewed below.

To apply for inclusion on the roster, the employee or student must complete a Driver Record Access Authorization to evaluate insurability.

Additionally, all students driving a university vehicle must complete the required online driver safety training prior to being authorized to drive a USD vehicle. Click here for Driver Safety Training information.


Utility/Golf Carts

Golf Carts create unique driving hazards and therefore require additional drivers training. To be added to the Authorized Cart Drivers Roster, employees must complete the steps below and send the full documentation to

1) Make an account with the online training module using the following link:

2) Watch the full Utility Cart Safety video and take the quiz. 

3) Complete a hands-on demonstration of cart operation by your supervisor or Environmental Health & Safety.

4) Review and sign the Cart Driving Rules and Cart Demonstration Checklist.

5) Give your supervisor the original documentation and forward copies of the signed Cart Driving Rules and Demonstration Checklist to

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I contact Risk Management?
  • How do I contact Environmental Health & Safety?
  • What are the Insurability Criteria?
  • What is the hands-on Cart Demonstration?