Facilities Management has completely reinvented how we do business in response to Covid-19. In addition, we have taken the following steps to ensure the safety of our campus community: We have engaged with other facilities professionals from colleges and universities across the country to share best practices with regard to cleaning and disinfecting. We have consulted with independent, third-party engineering firms to implement industry best practices with regard to building water and ventilation systems. All of our decision making has been informed by, and is in compliance with, guidelines published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of California, and the County of San Diego. 


Campus Signage

The documents below (all PDF) are available to USD Departments for downloading and printing.


Doors, Entrance Only (8.5x11)
Doors, Exit Only (8.5x11)

Personal, Avoid Unnecessary Contact (8.5x11)
Personal, Breakroom Sign (8.5x11)
Personal, Face Mask is Required (8.5x11)
Personal, Healthy Community (11x17)
Personal, Wash Hands (5x7)
Personal, Wear a Face Mask (8.5x11)
Personal, Wristband (8.5x11)

Stairs, Downstairs Only (8.5x11)
Stairs, Stay Right (8.5x11)
Stairs, Upstairs Only (8.5x11)



Puertas, Entrada Solamente (8.5x11)
Puertas, Salida Solamente (8.5x11)

Personal, Evite el Contacto Innecesario (8.5x11)
Personal, Letrero Sala de Descanso (8.5x11)
Personal, Se Requiere Mascarilla (8.5x11)
Personal, Comunidad Saludable (11x17)
Personal, Lavarse Las Manos (5x7)
Personal, Yo Uso una Mascarilla (8.5x11)
Personal, Pulsera (8.5x11)

Escaleras, Solamente para Bajar (8.5x11)
Escaleras, Mantenganse a la Derecha (8.5x11)
Escaleras, Solamente para Subir (8.5x11)


Floor Dots & Posters

Floor Dot, Exterior (4 in.)
Floor Dot, Interior (4 in.)
Floor Dot, Exterior, Stay 6 FT (10 in.)
Floor Dot, Interior, Stay 6 FT (10 in.)
Floor Dot, Study Here (6 in.)

Personal, Avoid Unnecessary Contact (24x36)
Personal, Elevator Guidelines (8.5x11)
Personal, Face Mask is Required (24x36)
Personal, Healthy Community (24x36)
Personal, Wristband (26x15)


Facilities Management Protocols

Isolation Cleaning
Facilities Management - Building Systems
Facilities Management - Campus
Facilities Management - Residence Halls


Materials & Supplies

USD Budget Administrators (only) may use the following link to request Covid-19 related materials and supplies.