The USD Experience

Becoming a Changemaker Starts Here

At the University of San Diego, we believe that solving the world's problems isn't something everyone can do. It is hard and requires a special set of skills and experiences.

As one of 30 Changemaker campuses around the world, USD focuses on preparing our students to take on this important challenge. Your preparation starts from the time you decide to enroll and continues throughout your undergraduate experience. It includes faculty, staff, current students and alumni. It takes place in the classroom, in the residence halls, on campus, across the city, and around the world. It's personal, coordinated and purposeful. And it starts here.

The Summer Before You Arrive

Your change-making journey starts as soon as you decide to enroll at USD. Through a series of summer webinars you learn how to register for classes, identify the Living Learning Community theme you want to be a part of, and start connecting with your fellow Toreros.

summer before you arrive

OLÉ Weekend and Welcome Week

Move-in day is a very special event in the life of our students. You'll meet other students committed to making a difference and start to identify the many resources available to support you along the way. You'll experience the diversity of our students and programs and begin to identify the groups that will add to your development.

ole weekend

Living Learning Communities and Residential Life

For your first two years at USD, you will live on one of the country's most beautiful campuses. In your first year, you will participate in one of our nine themed residence halls (LLC's), surrounded by other change makers who share a common interest. This foundational opportunity is more than just a place to live; it provides a gateway to a community of learners who are trying to make a difference in the world.

Faculty, Advising and the Core Curriculum

Helping to solve the world's problems requires a special set of skills and experiences, which are exactly what you learn in our core curriculum. You work closely with a faculty advisor right from the start, and one of your first-year courses is called your Preceptorial. They'll help you successfully navigate the curriculum and guide you along the way.

Catholic Identity, Service and Community Engagement

As a Catholic University, our liberal arts and Catholic traditions provide the foundation for our campus community to seek social justice through curricular and co-curricular activities that have a positive social impact. In addition to the many opportunities students have to strengthen and explore their faith, you'll find many ways to get involved on campus, around San Diego, and around the world as you develop the empathy, compassion and know-how to make a difference in people's lives.

catholic identity

Study Abroad

A global perspective, language skills, and cultural understanding are all tools required of a changemaker, and through USD's extensive study abroad program, you will acquire all of them. During your second, third or fourth year, you'll join faculty who create programs in every corner of the world, often team taught and in almost every discipline.

Internships and Research

Learning by doing is a characteristic of changemakers, and at USD, you have hundreds of opportunities to gain valuable experiential learning experience. In addition, students at USD have the chance to be involved in research projects with faculty.

Career Preparation

Many of the people and experiences described on this site help students formulate a career plan. Your coursework, LLC experience, study abroad, and of course, faculty all help students bring into focus their career plans. You'll take part in an internship fair, majors fair, graduate school fair and career expo. By the time you are ready to graduate, you will be ready to make your mark in the world, and have the tools, experiences and support to make it happen.

Graduation and the Torero Network

When our students take their place as changemakers upon graduation, they join an alumni network around the world. That network provides support and encouragement as you change jobs, move to new places, and take on new challenges. Torero for life is an expression we take seriously.