VIRTUAL: SOLES' 3rd Annual Diversity, Inclusion, Social Justice Excellence Showcase

This event occurred in the past

VIRTUAL: SOLES' 3rd Annual Diversity, Inclusion, Social Justice Excellence Showcase

This event occurred in the past

Date and Time

  • Wednesday, April 22, 2020 from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.



5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA 92110




As part of the University of San Diego's Research Week, SOLES is hosting the 2020 edition of The Diversity, Inclusion, & Social Justice (DISJ) Showcase virtually on April 22, 2020! 


To Participate:

If you are interested in participating in SOLES’ DISJ Showcase, please submit your research topic as well as any additional information that would help us better understand what you plan to present by the deadline of April 10th, 2020. SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL HERE (QUALTRICS)

To Attend:

Interested in seeing all of the hard work that SOLES’ is doing? RSVP VIA EVENTBRITE


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more information!


  • General Questions

    What is SOLES’ Annual Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Excellence Showcase? 

    The University of San Diego celebrates research across the campus with an annual research week. SOLES participates in this event by hosting the Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Excellence Showcase. This is an opportunity for the SOLES community to share the important work they are involved in as it relates to diversity, inclusion, and social justice.  This is across fields of education, counseling, marital and family therapy, and leadership as it relates to inequality, multiculturalism, and historically under-resourced populations.

    When is the showcase? 

    SOLES’ 3rd Annual Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Excellence Showcase will be on April 22, 2020. Posters will be on display in a single location online for viewing. The interactive poster session will take place via Zoom breakout rooms from 12:00pm - 2:00pm and the student panel will be from 2:00pm - 3:00pm. 

    What will be the schedule of the Showcase?

    12pm - 1pm Virtual Break-out Sessions Part I

    1pm - 2pm Virtual Break-out Sessions Part II

    2pm - 3pm Advocacy in Research Panel

    What is a Virtual Break-out Room? 

    Presentations will be grouped thematically. During the event, presenters will show a video of their work and then answer questions from the audience.

    What is the Advocacy in Research Panel?

    In this student panel, one person from each department in SOLES will share their work/research related to advocacy in their field. This will be a hosted-live Zoom session. 

    Who can present at the Showcase?

    The showcase is hosted by the SOLES community and all SOLES community members (students faculty and staff) are encouraged to participate! In addition, we invite members of the wider graduate studies community within USD to participate as well including the Business School, Law School, and Nursing School. 

  • Presentation Questions

    I have never presented research before, is that OK? 

    Yes! This is a great opportunity for students to gain experience in their presentation skills in a less formal setting. 

    Does my research need to be complete in order to be presented?

    Not at all. Research is an evolving process and you may present yours at whatever stage it may be in. 

    How long should my presentation be?

    We request videos be between 4-6 minutes. If you are presenting capstone work, your video can be up to 7 minutes long.

    Can I present my classwork (capstone/action research projects) at the showcase?

    Yes! If presenting on class research, we encourage students to submit a presentation that is between 5-7 minutes long. 

    If I present my research, can I still view other people’s research?

    Of course! Each presenter will be able to view each of their zoom group presentations. Additionally, all presentation recordings will be available for asynchronous viewing in a repository after the event. 

    If I don’t present, can I still participate?

    By all means! Please register at

    Can I invite others to come to the showcase?
    Definitely! This event is open to the university community as well as the public. Please have your guests register via Eventbrite. 

    What does the whole process look like? 
    1) Submit the Participation request form by April 10, 2020 which includes an abstract and other information about your project.
    2) Register on Eventbrite and invite your advisor, faculty, family, and friends to attend the event.
    3) Design your presentation!
    4) Submit your presentation file to Kiyonna Navarro by April 15, 2020. At this time you will find out when your online interactive session will take place.
    5) Login to Zoom for the interactive portion of the showcase. A schedule of breakout rooms will be shared ahead of time. 
    6) The presenters will be split into two groups for presenting to allow for presenters to see each others’ projects.
    7) Attend the student panel from 2 pm - 3 pm.

  • Submission Questions

    In what format should I submit my work?

    Voiceover a poster*; Voiceover a set of slides; Create an iMovie. Your options are unlimited, but we do require they include an audio-visual component. All students have access to Zoom which has an audio-visual recording function. See the Submission Guidelines handout for more details about formatting your presentation. 

    *if you are using a poster format, make sure that your text is large enough for your audience to read.

    Can I work with a partner?

    Yes! We would love to see collaborative presentations. 

    How do I submit my research/video?

    Please follow these instructions.


  • More Questions?

    Email the showcase support team: 

    Kiyonna Navarro,

    Melissa Burgess,

    Zaiah Lewis,


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