Kroc Border - Behind the Headlines: Asylum-Seekers at the Border

This event occurred in the past

Kroc Border - Behind the Headlines: Asylum-Seekers at the Border

This event occurred in the past

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    Two thousand people are currently camped outside of the San Ysidro – PedWest Port of Entry into the United States in Tijuana. Most are from Central America and seeking asylum. Some arrived two years ago and are waiting for appointments indefinitely postponed at the beginning of the pandemic. Many others are recent arrivals fleeing a combination of natural disasters and horrific violence in their home countries.

    Like similar groups up and down the border right now, they are desperate for accurate information about when and how they will be able to enter the U.S. and make their asylum claims. Meanwhile, they’re living in tents, with little access to potable water or toilets, much less PPE or Covid-19 testing. All of their meals depend upon a makeshift kitchen staffed by volunteers and supplied by donations. There’s no security and fraudsters and criminals circulate with impunity.

    Some people have given up waiting and crossed the border without authorization or sent their children across alone, fueling a dramatic rise in apprehensions by the Border Patrol, unaccompanied minors in U.S. custody, and deaths on the border. At least 6 children have drowned attempting to cross the Río Grande so far this year.

    This discussion goes behind the headlines, probing human rights issues that aren’t well captured by superficial debates over whether or not we should declare a “crisis” at the border, or how the present situation reflects on the current president or his predecessor. Speakers working on the frontlines will address humanitarian realities far more complex than simple pro or anti-immigrant positions. The panel will include:

    · Ev Meade, Professor of Practice, Kroc School of Peace Studies (moderator)

    · Matthew Cannon, Children's Program Director, Casa Cornelia Law Center

    · Dulce García, Executive Director, Border Angels

    · Nicole Ramos, Director, Border Rights Project, Al Otro Lado

    · Maria Silva, Director of Community Partnerships, Mulvaney Center

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    Kroc Border: Behind the Headlines

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