Symposium on Dov Fox's Birth Rights and Wrongs - The Institute for Law and Philosophy & the Center for Health Law Policy and Bioethics

This event occurred in the past

Symposium on Dov Fox's Birth Rights and Wrongs - The Institute for Law and Philosophy & the Center for Health Law Policy and Bioethics

This event occurred in the past

Date and Time

  • Friday, February 5, 2021 from 9:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Zoom (email for link)

5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA 92110




The Institute for Law and Philosophy and the Center for Health Law Policy and Bioethics at the University of San Diego School of Law are hosting a discussion on Professor Dov Fox’s Birth Rights and Wrongs (OUP, 2019). 

If you would like to recieve the Zoom link, please email with "Birth Rights & Wrong Link" in the subject line.

Each session will start with the presentation of the paper, followed by Q&A and discussion.

Pacific/East Event Presenter
9:45 AM/12:45 PM Welcome Robert A. Schapiro, Dean, University of San Diego School of  Law
  Introduction Steve Smith, Professor of Law, University of San Diego
10:00 AM/1:00 PM 1st Session David Wasserman, Professor, Department of Bioethics, National Institute of Health
10:50 AM/1:50 PM Break #1  
11:00 AM/2:00 PM 2nd Session Robin L. West, Professor of  Law, Georgetown University
11:50 AM/2:50 PM Break #2  
12:00 PM/3:00 PM 3rd Session Reuven Brandt, Professor of Philosophy, UC San Diego 
12:50 PM/3:50 PM Break #3  
1:00 PM/4:00 PM 4th Session Ellie Bublick, Professor of Law, University of Arizona
1:50 PM/4:50 PM Break #4  
2:00 PM/5:00 PM 5th Session Richard Epstein, Professor of Law,  NYU
2:50 PM/5:50 PM Closing Remarks Dov Fox, Professor of Law, University of San Diego
  • About the Book

    Millions of Americans rely on the likes of birth control, IVF, and genetic testing to make plans as intimate and far-reaching as any over a lifetime. This is no less than the medicine of miracles. It fills empty cradles, frees families from terrible disease, and empowers them to fashion their lives on their own terms. But accidents happen.

    Pharmacists mix up pills. Lab techs misread tests. Obstetricians tell women their healthy fetuses would be stillborn. Political and economic forces conspire against regulation. And judges throw up their hands when professionals foist parenthood on people who didn't want it, or childlessness on those who did. Failed abortions, switched donors, and lost embryos may be first-world problems. But these aren't innocent lapses or harmless errors. They're wrongs in need of rights. This book lifts the curtain on reproductive negligence, gives voice to the lives it upends, and vindicates the interests that advances in medicine and technology bring to full expression. It charts the legal universe of errors that:

    (1) deprive pregnancy or parenthood of people who set out to pursue them;
    (2) impose pregnancy or parenthood on those who tried to avoid these roles; or
    (3) confound efforts to have a child with or without certain genetic traits.

    This novel architecture forces citizens and courts to rethink the reproductive controversies of our time, and equips us to meet the new challenges-from womb transplants to gene editing-that lie just over the horizon.

  • Dov Fox, Professor of Law

    Professor Fox is a national expert on bioethics and health law. He also teaches and writes in the areas of torts, criminal law, and the regulation of technology.

    Professor Fox served as a law clerk to the Honorable Stephen Reinhardt of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He has also worked at the law firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz; the consulting firm of McKinsey & Company; and the Civil Appellate Staff at the U.S. Department of Justice. Professor Fox serves on advisory boards of the American Constitution Society, Appellate Defenders, Illumina Genomics, and the Association of American Law Schools. He is the author of more than 60 scholarly articles in leading journals of law (e.g., Yale Law Journal, Columbia Law Review), medicine (e.g., New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association), and bioethics (e.g., Journal of Medical Ethics, American Journal of Bioethics). His op-eds have appeared in Vox, Slate, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. He has provided on-air legal analysis for CNN, NPR, CBS This Morning, NBC Nightly News, and The Today Show. Professor Fox's original series was named Audible's #1 podcast of 2020. It was also featured in interviews with, e.g., Armchair Experts: and The Atlantic:

    Professor Fox was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to attend Oxford University, where he earned his doctorate in political theory and served as lecturer in politics and philosophy. He received a Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans to attend Yale Law School, where he was projects editor of the Yale Law Journal and all three years awarded the prize for best paper in law and science. His more recent academic articles on translational medicine, artificial intelligence, and public health policy were selected to present at the Stanford, Penn, and Northwestern Faculty Forum for Law and Technology. Professor Fox has been awarded the Thorsnes Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship and named a Biocom Life Science Catalyst for "significant contributions to human health through research, discovery, and entrepreneurship." For his work with local communities, he's received recognition as a "San Diego Changemaker" and "Urgent Challenges Innovator." His latest academic book, "Birth Rights and Wrongs" was a finalist for several major awards and reviewed in multiple law symposia. His critically acclaimed Audible Original, "Donor 9623" is "a tour de force in investigative reporting" about the legal battle over "the greatest hoax in reproductive history."

  • Institute for Law and Philosophy

    The Institute for Law and Philosophy was established at the University of San Diego in the fall of 2000. The fundamental goal of the institute is to unite philosophical issues with jurisprudence. This is accomplished through a variety of programs designed to explore and educate regarding the various philosophical issues that arise from legal doctrines, legal institutions and legal practice. Such programs include roundtable discussions, academic conferences, public lectures and educational programs. The institute selects the leading academics, lawyers and judges who define the topic at hand, and invites them to engage in discussion that ultimately is later published, discussed and/or edited.

  • Center for Health Law Policy and Bioethics

    The Center for Health Law Policy and Bioethics has been established to provide an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional forum to address issues in biotechnology and medical technology, and to support research, education and policy reform.

Birth Rights and Wrongs

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