Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Colloquium

This event occurred in the past

Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Colloquium

This event occurred in the past

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    The Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Colloquium is a joint discussion of student final projects from the Interdisciplinary Humanities HUMN 495 class and the Keck Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellows independent study. Seniors in the Interdisciplinary Humanities Major will be presenting their final capstone projects and the Keck Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellows will present their year-long research projects.


    Session 1 // Monday, May 3 at 1 – 2:30 p.m.

    • “Spirituality: Exploring its Significance through Interdisciplinary Research”
      • Catherine Lay ‘21 | Interdisciplinary Humanities Major, French and Ethnic Studies Minor
    • “The Greater We: A Work on Identity from an Islamic-American Perspective”
      • Shan Malik ‘21 | Interdisciplinary Humanities Major
    • “Analysis of Fresh Water Hydraulic Engineering Development and Impact Through Ancient History”
      • Reijer den Dulk ‘21 | Industrial and Systems Engineering Major
    • From Sustenance to Decadence: A Literary and Scientific Discussion of Modern Lifestyles Driving Anthropogenic Climate Change
      • Samuel Hixon ‘21 | Interdisciplinary Humanities and Biochemistry Major

    Session 2 // Monday, May 3 at 4 – 5:30 p.m.

    • “Hysterial Herstories: Psychiatric Disability and the Femme Fatale”
      • McKenna Moret ‘21 | Interdisciplinary Humanities Major, Sociology Minor
    • “Poetry: Untranslatable Beauty”
      • Yiting Cheng ‘21 | Interdisciplinary Humanities and English Major
    • “Shakespeare and Mercy: Ethics, Aesthetics, and the Asymmetry Claim”
      • Emma Heflin ‘21 | English and Philosophy Major, German Minor
    • “Why Bother? A Historical and Philosophical Analysis of Motivation”
      • Sara Badrani ‘21 | Philosophy Major, History Minor

    Session 3 // Wednesday, May 5 at 11 - 12:30 p.m.

    • “The Shadow of Shame: Sexual Oppression in Western Culture and Media”
      • Claire Duque ‘21 | Interdisciplinary Humanities Major, Environmental Studies and Medieval & Renaissance Studies Minor
    • “Beyond Language Barriers: Opportunities and Challenges Presented by Multilingualism”
      • Kateryna Koliesnikova ‘21 | Interdisciplinary Humanities Major, Chinese and International Business Minor
    • “The Urban Spatial: Bodies, Knowledges, and Transcendence in the Built Environment”
      • Delaney Tax ‘21 | Ethnic Studies Major, Architecture and Gender Studies Minor
    • “Force, Flex, Dance”
      • Makenzie Nickel ‘21 | Architecture Major, Art History Minor

    Session 4 // Friday, May 7 at 11 - 12:30 p.m.

    • Luke Leidiger ‘21 | Interdisciplinary Humanities and Psychology Major
    • “Happiness Symposium”
      • Noah Stroosma ‘21 | Interdisciplinary Humanities Major, Psychology Minor
    • “‘If we could change ourselves,’ we can change the world: Empathy & the Possibilities for Transformative Education”
      • Alyssa Mugavero ‘22 | Interdisciplinary Humanities and Sociology Major
    • “Transformative Empathy: The Power of Art Activism”
      • Sienna Todd ‘21 | Visual Arts and International Relations Major, Political Science Minor


    Join us for one, several or all discussions at

    begin quoteJoin Interdisciplinary Humanities HUMN 495 class members and the Keck Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellows as they are in dialog about their research projects.
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