Building and sustaining an innovative and resilient supply chain is one of the most important business needs of our time. With the world changing at an unprecedented pace and global disruptions such as COVID-19 causing havoc to global supply chains, companies today must be prepared to respond quickly, responsibly, and sustainably in order to survive and thrive.  In short, organizations must be innovative, resilient, and agile.

This year's Supply Chain Management Institute Spring Symposium will be a gathering dedicated to creating a new catalyst for innovation. Topics that will be explored include developing innovative technologies, supporting increasing customer demands, creating sustainable and agile supply chains, and developing tomorrow's talent.

In just one virtual, value-packed day, attendees will hear engaging speakers from a variety of well-known and respected companies share their insights through a series of keynote presentations, panels, and interactive workshops. For this event, we have assembled some of the most progressive minds to provide visionary insights into how they are applying innovative processes and technologies to create more resilient supply chains.

Some of the key takeaways include:

  • A visionary look into supply chains of the future - the 'next normal'
  • Understanding what supply chain innovation is and its importance
  • Identifying drivers for supply chain innovation to gain competitive advantage
  • Creating and improving customer experience
  • Barriers and enablers of supply chain innovation
  • Technologies that will drive the next wave of supply chain innovation
  • Talent requirements for the future.

Make plans now to join us for this virtual event!