Liberal Arts Education for the 21st Century

Prepare students to lead purposeful lives with successful careers in the 21st century.

Purely vocational, skill-based training will not stand the test of time in an age of rapid technological change. A 21st century liberal arts education provides the opportunities to study the historical, cultural, and scientific/technological forces that have ushered in this century and that will shape our future. Students learn to challenge ideas, and to discern significant truths about reality, faith, and human existence in their lives and careers. A 21st century liberal arts education delivers the learning outcomes that 80% of employers seek according to surveys by the Association of American Colleges and Universities. These include the ability to write and speak effectively, construct and evaluate arguments, apply knowledge in real-world settings, make ethical decisions, and work in teams. In addition, the 21st century demands students who possess the technological skills expected in the workplace. As a Catholic university, a liberal arts education is further enhanced with attention to the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, with the great questions about why we exist, and intentionally focusing on the development of the whole person, including the spiritual.

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