Beginning in November 2015, the process for envisioning and building the strategic direction for USD will culminate in a plan in spring 2016 for the president's approval.

Vision (11/15 - 2/16)

-       Assessment of USD’s current state

-       Review external landscape of higher education

-       Conduct interviews with broad section of campus constituencies to identify strengths, opportunities and priorities

Identify goals and priorities (1/16 - 4/16)

-       Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) and sub-committee(s) focus on emerging strategic themes

-       Development supporting priority initiatives

-       Synthesize findings into a draft strategic plan comprised of vision statement, strategic goals, supporting priorities and key considerations

Develop and disseminate plan (4/16 - 9/16)

-       Findings from strategic vision conference shared with Board of Trustees at April 2016 meeting

-       SPSC facilitates additional review and feedback of draft with university community

-       Plan confirmed and presented to president for approval

Implementation (Ongoing)

-       Development of a new vision statement, strategic goals and an implementation plan approved by the Board of Trustees at September 2016 meeting