Study Abroad

​Inspiring global changemakers.

At the University of San Diego's Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering, our values-based learning community helps prepare students to become ethical leaders and compassionate servants who are inspired to create lasting social and technical change in our global society as Changemakers of the first order.

Male USD student studying abroad in London
Four female study abroad students in front of castle.

Through study abroad programs, students have the opportunity to experience coursework first-hand as it relates to the various regions of the world, while immersed in the local culture. Classroom lessons extend into relevant site and cultural explorations that offer historical, social, political and environmental context to the technical subject matter.

Changemaking permeates our school and our programs, giving students an innovative, globally-minded framework to facilitate personal and professional growth. We are focused on the future — growing in size, reputation and influence, not only technical influence, but positive influence upon the larger global community.

For more information on studying abroad, visit USD's International Center.

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