Starpoint Award

The Starpoint Award was recently established by business leaders David Cohn and Carl Delia, who were both instrumental in the development and launch of USD's eTrack Initiative for engineering entrepreneurship. One winning startup team will be awarded $10,000 for the Technology Track at USD's Venture Vetting (V2 Pitch) Competition based on the most successful demonstration of technological innovation or new product service development and its alignment to markets. Projects that also address improved social conditions, the environment or quality of life are highly encouraged.

Students on grass in shape of star

V2 Pitch Technology Track Criteria

Criteria for your entrepreneurship project to be considered for the Technology Track at V2 Pitch:
  • Technology is critical to the business idea;
  • The market has been identified;
  • Initial plan for 12 months has been defined;
  • Clear and compelling case has been articulated.

How to Enter the Competition

At USD's annual V2 Pitch Competition, you can present your venture to real angel investors for a chance to win seed money to start your business. Any USD student or alumni startup team with a technology component, regardless of their degree program, is eligible to compete for the Starpoint Award. The award must be used to advance the project. Here's how to enter:

  • Craft a 10-slide, pitch deck that describes your venture and funding goal. You will submit it as a PowerPoint or Prezi file.
  • To apply for the Starpoint Award, teams must submit for the Technology Track.
  • Submit your pitch deck.
  • Submission Deadline: March 23, 2020, 11:59 p.m. 


The V2 Pitch has two Technology Track awards. Teams may submit for both awards, but will only be eligible to be selected for one of the $10,000 awards. If you have any questions please reach out to Venkat Shastri, PhD, De Sanctis Professor of Engineering and Entrepreneurship.

Deadlines and Timelines

There's a lot that takes place between submitting your initial pitch deck and the V2 Pitch Competition, so here are a few critical milestones to keep you on track:

  • February 13, 2020:  All You Need to Know Session will help guide students through the V2 Pitch process
  • March 12, 2020Sell, Don't Tell: V2 Pitch Deck Coaching
  • March 23, 2020:  Deadline to submit pitch deck
  • April 10, 2020:  Finalists will be announced after the pitch decks are reviewed
  • April 16, 2020:  Final coaching session by experts
  • April 23, 2020:  Annual V2 Pitch Competition — the Starpoint Award winner will be awarded $10,000

Submit your pitch deck for the V2 Pitch Competition today for the chance to turn your ideas into reality.