Engineering Entrepreneurship Track: Capstone Design Experience

It starts with an idea.

Through the entrepreneurship track, students have the option to work on an entrepreneurship project in conjunction with their senior design course. This includes studying the entrepreneurship modules, working with external mentors and making several pitches throughout the academic year. Below are the USD engineering entrepreneurship projects that have unleashed their creativity and brought their ideas to market.

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Trek Modular Camera Slider Class of 2015-16

The first entrepreneurship project conceptualized and created as a prototype within the Senior Design curriculum. Trek, is the world's first portable, app-connected, modular camera slider system designed for cameras, smartphones and GoPros.

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Agrishield Class of 2016-17

A low-cost, towable physical cover for cherry trees that displaces rainwater that can devastate crops. The underlying concept is to deploy plastic tarps which rest on the shape of the tree to divert rainwater during a storm and ultimately prevent crop losses due to excess rainfall.

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Darroch Medical Solutions, Inc. Class of 2016-17

The team conceptualized and created a system that aggregates data from multiple medical devices and secures the transfer of information across information systems. For more, visit Founder's Video and Demo Video.

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Trash Tracker Class of 2016-17

A waste-tracking system that weighs trash, recycling and green waste on a per-household basis. The device is attached to garbage trucks that weigh the trash as it is picked up then assign the weight to individual households.

students presenting project Precision Metrics Class of 2017-18

A weapon-mounted shot timing device that collects data related to the axis orientation and angular velocity of the weapon system in the critical moments before and after the trigger squeeze.

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