eTrack: Engineering Entrepreneurship

​An ecosystem of entrepreneurship.

At the University of San Diego's Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering, we have created an entrepreneurial mindset that is pervasive in our students, faculty and industry partners — a place where our student entrepreneurship teams are creating successful ventures, using the scaffolding developed through USD to enter into incubators, venture or acquisition agreements, and transitioning into companies looking for talent to inject innovation within their organizations.


Within the Etrack umbrella, we harness and nurture students' innovative spirit through a comprehensive four-tiered program. We start with an entrepreneurial track for senior design, where students learn how to design, develop and produce something of value and market that product to their customers. Then through the Entrepreneurship Scholars Program, we engage students beyond the silos of engineering, offering critical business courses to round up their skills. Next, participation in entrepreneurial competitions offers support and mentorship to turn an idea into something tangible. The final component includes inspirational journeys shared at our Ignite Innovation Speaker Series.

Ignite Innovation Speaker Series

In the summer of 2020, we launched a new speaker series — the Ignite Innovation Speaker Series — where technology and entrepreneurship meet. Inspirational and fearless entrepreneurs are featured throughout the year sharing stories of grit, resilience and innovation. For our first series, guest speakers Andrew Billigmeier '18 and Connor Schofield '17 of Agrishield told their story of becoming agtech-entrepreneurs. Even when faced with a traumatic accident, their passion for Agrishield was their ongoing inspiration. Click for upcoming series.

A Hub of Innovation

Going forward, we are further collaborating with USD’s School of Business to launch a MS in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship in the Fall of 2021 to serve as advanced training for professionals already in the industry.

Through these initiatives and more, we are engaging students beyond the silos of engineering, where external partners sustain our entrepreneurship program through deep, consistent engagement. We are an innovation hub, moving beyond traditional boundaries, into a mindset that breeds innovation — where anything is possible.

Venkat Shastri

Entrepreneurship Faculty Lead

Students not only know how to engineer a product, but now think about it — What's the market? What customers benefit from the product and why? — this can help them build a foundation as a leader and gain more experience.

De Sanctis Professor of Engineering and Entrepreneurship, Director of Industry Partnership

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