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Engineering and Computing Showcase


Thank you for joining USD's Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering & Computing Virtual Showcase. We invite you to experience our students' innovative Capstone Design Projects presented in a virtual, interactive poster format by graduating seniors in computer science and electrical, industrial and systems, integrated and mechanical engineering.

Dean Roberts Welcome Message 


The Engineering & Computing Showcase features over forty projects this year. We offer five Zoom Rooms to navigate the event, including a Welcome Room for our guests and four student team Zoom Rooms for team presentations and discussions. The event officially opens on Friday, May 8th at 2:00 p.m. and runs until 5:00 p.m. 

Virtual Welcome Room

We invite you to visit our Welcome Room — a virtual concierge desk to guide you through the event. Hosts will be available to answer navigational questions. Additionally, members from the Engineering & Computing Alumni Council will be on hand to chat with guests and welcome our seniors to their new alumni status. Come join us!

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Navigating the Project Presentations

With more than forty student teams to visit, we have divided the presentations into four Zoom Rooms. Each Zoom Room will feature roughly ten teams who are assigned to their own private break out rooms. Senior Design instructors will be hosting each of the Zoom Rooms to guide you through the presentation spaces. 


Choose as many teams as you like to visit over the course of the three hour event. It's easy to navigate by clicking the links on this landing page. Simply use the team listings below to select which team you wish to join. Next, click on the associated Zoom Room link. Upon entering that main Zoom Room, the faculty member will assign you to your team of choice and you are on your way! You have the opportunity to move from one breakout room to another within a given Zoom Room. When you wish to visit a different Zoom Room, leave the Zoom meeting you are in, select and click on the next Zoom Room link of your choice, and you are free to interact with the teams in that new space. Don't worry... if you are new to the Zoom environment or you get "lost", any faculty or staff host will be happy to help — and there's always the Welcome Room. We are here to make this a great experience for all of our participants and attendees!

Zoom Room #1  
Electrical, Integrated and Mechanical Engineering Projects 
Hosted by Senior Design Faculty Gordon Hoople, PhD and Venkat Shastri, PhD

  • All Teams Listing: Zoom Room #1
  • Clear Blue Sea
  • Cubic
  • General Atomics
  • Hatsu USA Drone Station
  • LyfBox
  • Mobile STEAM Collaboratory
  • Northrop Active Field Cancellation
  • SDG&E
  • Sunshine Box
  • Waste for Life

Zoom Room #2
Electrical, Integrated and Mechanical Engineering Projects 
Hosted by Senior Design Faculty Daniel Codd, PhD and G. Bryan Cornwall, PhD, PEng

  • All Teams Listing: Zoom Room #2
  • Baja SAE
  • Discrete Solar
  • Glaukos
  • Hi-Q Environmental Products
  • HITS
  • MexLog
  • Solar Turbines
  • Thermo Fisher
  • Uganda - Water Filter

Zoom Room #3 
Computer Science Projects 
Hosted by Senior Design Faculty Jay Kunin, PhD and Chuck Pateros, PhD

  • All Teams Listing: Zoom Room #3
  • Bibble - University-based Social Networking
  • Cluster - Low Power Computing
  • ExSJ - Social Justice Web Portal
  • GTRI-AT - Automated Software Testing
  • GTRI-DCIM - Data Center Infrastructure & Management
  • Match - Student/Project Matching
  • Nudge - Location-based Social Networking
  • Nuvve - EV Charging
  • NG-ML- Machine Learning
  • Seamgen - Software Project Estimating
  • Unity - Game Creation

Zoom Room #4 
Industrial and Systems Engineering Projects 
Hosted by Senior Design Faculty Jae Kim, PhD and Leonard Perry, PhD

  • All Teams Listing: Zoom Room #4
  • California State Parks and Dudek
  • Cobham - Advanced Electronic Systems
  • Dexcom
  • FedEx
  • General Atomics
  • General Atomics
  • Imaging Healthcare Specialists
  • Jerome's Furniture
  • Solar Turbines
  • University of San Diego Auxiliary Services
Class of 2020 Congratulations Class of 2019-2020 graduating seniors! We are incredibly proud of you!