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At the University of San Diego's Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering, the Capstone Design Experience is a one- or two-semester program designed to give students hands on experience solving real engineering and technical problems. Students work in teams, mentored by a faculty member, on an open-ended design project to understand and execute the full cycle of the design process. These projects come in different flavors, but all require the students to be responsible to stakeholders beyond themselves. The program typically involves designing, construction, simulation, testing and evaluation, as well as consideration of issues related to ethics, economics, safety and professional practice, and allows the students to apply knowledge learned throughout their undergraduate career in a real-world scenario.

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USD's engineers and computer scientists create solutions to any number of technical, industrial and societal challenges. Their work is presented to the public throughout the year. First is a mid-project update where two-semester projects are presented each fall in a 2D, poster format at the Engineering and Computing Expo. All one-semester and two-semester projects are presented each spring at the Engineering and Computing Showcase, where our students report the final outcomes of their Capstone Design Projects to faculty, students and the community. Both events are hosted on campus at the Belanich Engineering Center.

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