High School Students

Fall in love with USD's Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering.

Thinking about a career as an engineer or computer scientist? You are in the right place. Our nationally-ranked programs, engaged faculty, small class sizes and innovative facilities make the USD Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering a cutting-edge choice — all within a breathtaking campus located in sunny San Diego.

No "impacted majors" at the University of San Diego

While many universities require students to apply and be accepted to an engineering or computer science major, at USD all students are admitted as undeclared. This means that once you;ve been admitted to USD, you can choose any major. "Impacted major" does not apply at USD — giving you the freedom and choice of whatever major you choose to explore.

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Meet with an advisor

If you're coming for a campus visit, we invite you to set up an appointment to meet an advisor or faculty member to learn more about our programs and getting your degree in engineering or computer scientist. Contact us with your request and we can set a time to meet either in person or virtually. Whether or not you have been accepted or have decided to attend USD, we look forward to helping you decide what is right for you.

How can I be most prepared?

We recommend that you complete the following coursework while still in high school:

  • Complete as much math coursework as possible through advanced algebra and trigonometry. Calculus is not required, but is helpful. Credit is given for AP Calculus.
  • Complete science coursework, including at least one year of biology and one year of chemistry. Physics is not required, but is helpful.
This coursework helps ensure a successful start as an engineering student at USD. Please contact us if you have questions about preparing to enroll in an engineering program at USD.