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​What do integrated engineers do?

An engineering degree opens many doors.

As one might expect, integrated engineers follow a wide range of career paths. One of the most valuable aspects of the degree is the flexibility to pursue a career that aligns with your interests. You'll find integrated engineers analyzing aircraft failure modes, designing consumer electronics, inventing 3D printers and serving as CEOs. Whether you choose a concentration or pursue an individual plan of study, you will graduate with a unique interdisciplinary skill set. You will be prepared to join industry or pursue a wide range of graduate degrees.

Faculty Research: Re-imagining Engineering

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a grant to USD for support of the project entitled "Reimagining Energy: Exploring Inclusive Practices for Teaching Energy Concepts to Undergraduate Engineering Majors." The grant is under the direction of integrated engineering professors Gordon Hoople, Diana A. Chen, Joel A. Mejia and Susan M. Lord. As an integrated engineering major at USD, this is an example of the type of research our students are able to collaborate on with faculty to enhance their academic experience and explore new discoveries.

Diana Rodriguez Sanchez '21

Student Spotlight

Opportunities in Integrated Engineering

I chose Integrated Engineering as my major because it allows me to explore and personalize my education to my own interests. I am striving to pursue a career in the Biotechnology industry and know that I will get there with the help and support of the GE department, and my advisor Dr. Diana Chen. Knowing that I can expand my skill set into a discipline that is still in its early stages here at USD inspires me to always push myself and seek out different opportunities that will help steer me in a positive direction.


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