Integrated Engineering Opportunities

​What do integrated engineers do?

An Engineering degree opens many doors.

As one might expect, integrated engineers follow a wide range of career paths. One of the most valuable aspects of the degree is the flexibility to pursue a career that aligns with your interests. You'll find integrated engineers analyzing aircraft failure modes, designing consumer electronics, inventing 3D printers and serving as CEOs. Whether you choose a concentration or pursue an individual plan of study, you will graduate with a unique interdisciplinary skill set. You will be prepared to join industry or pursue a wide range of graduate degrees.

Faculty Research

Re-imagining Engineering

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a grant to USD for support of the project entitled "Reimagining Energy: Exploring Inclusive Practices for Teaching Energy Concepts to Undergraduate Engineering Majors." The grant is under the direction of Integrated Engineering professors Gordon Hoople, Diana A. Chen, Joel A. Mejia and Susan M. Lord. This is an example of the type of research integrated engineers can collaborate on with faculty to enhance their academic experience and explore new discoveries. Contact Dr. Gordon Hoople for more information if you are interested in helping with this research.


Breaking the Tradition of Silence through Conocimiento and Consciousness Raising among Latinx Engineers

Alex Mejia, PhD is the Principal Investigator of this longitudinal multi-sited ethnographic study to develop and expand the methodological practices that explore the experiences of Latinos/as/xs in engineering through the Anzalduan framework of conocimiento. This study will generate methodological approaches written by and for Latinos/as/xs to theorize and analyze systemic barriers, resistance, persistence, and agency from an asset and insider-based perspective. The goal of this project is to build research methodologies, teaching, training, and mentorship that focuses on Latino/a/x voices and assets. If you are a graduate or undergraduate student interested in research opportunities, please contact Dr. Alex Mejia. 

Asset-based Practices in Engineering Design

Formation of Engineers through a Funds of Knowledge Approach

Alex Mejia, PhD, leads this project, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Michigan and San Diego State University, to generate knowledge on how and to what extent the integration of funds of knowledge and engineering design can serve as a pathway to and through engineering for Latino/a/x students while helping teachers and students recognize funds of knowledge as assets in solving engineering problems. Most importantly, this study describes what teachers and schools can do to support engineering learning, excite adolescents, and motivate them to become outstanding, creative, and socially conscious engineers.


Building Undergraduate Capacity in STEM at a Hispanic Serving Institution utilizing Culturally-Relevant Instruction with Micro-Credentialing.

Alex Mejia, PhD, is currently working in collaboration with researchers from the University of Central Florida to create and analyze a supportive ecosystem to build undergraduate student capacity in STEM fields at Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). The project seeks to advance research related to culturally-relevant instructional activities in STEM; peer-tutoring in culturally-relevant instructional approaches; and experiential learning opportunities inclusive of micro-credentialing.

Bioinformatics Research Program with SciLifeLab

IRES Track I: US-Sweden Clinical Bioinformatics Research Training Program

In Spring 2020, Mark Chapman, PhD was awarded this grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). This NSF grant from the Office of International Science and Engineering allows for the creation of a summer bioinformatics research program for U.S. students at the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) in Stockholm, Sweden. Specifically, this grant will fund 6 undergraduate students/year over three years from primarily undergraduate institutions in Southern California, including USD, to conduct 10 weeks of bioinformatics research at SciLifeLab. This program will help Dr. Chapman strengthen his existing research collaborations in Sweden and provide an exciting international research experience for under-represented students.

Eduardo Ortega '20

Student Spotlight

Opportunities in Integrated Engineering

"Integrated Engineering has given me a high quality engineering education that has provided me a supportive platform to creatively design with curiosity and, most importantly, awareness. Integrated Engineering stresses the ethical point that engineers need to be aware that they have a social obligation to the implications of their work."


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