Integrated Engineering

Tackle the world's most complicated problems with an interdisciplinary mindset.

Program Snapshot

  • BS/BA in Engineering Dual Degree
  • 5 Concentrations
  • 147 Units (hours)

What is Integrated Engineering?

Integrated engineers see the world differently. Rather than focusing on one aspect of a problem, they understand the big picture. This requires not only a strong technical foundation across multiple areas of science and engineering, but also an understanding of the profound impact engineers have on society. Earning a BS/BA in Engineering prepares students studying within the Integrated Engineering department to enter the workforce in a position to contribute to multiple areas of a project.

Our unique curriculum not only exposes students to multiple areas across engineering, but also reinforces the ways in which synthesizing these skills is critical to the success of engineering projects. This synthesis is most obvious in our experimental engineering class (GENG 360). In this class, you will tackle open-ended problems that require you to draw from multiple prerequisites. For example, students might develop a thermal model for a space heater (a mechanical/ thermodynamics problem), prototype the heater using their background in design, build a small electric heating using their knowledge of electronics and program the heater to self-regulate using their computer programming skills.

Develop Subject Matter Expertise

To complement your broad foundation, the Integrated Engineering curriculum includes a concentration area to provide you with expertise in a particular area of study. Students studying within the Integrated Engineering department may choose from the following concentrations:

Why Choose Integrated Engineering?

As an integrated engineer, you will develop a broad technical foundation that prepares you for a range of engineering professions. You will also pursue coursework that gives you deep subject matter expertise in an area of your interest. We offer hands-on experience and access to cultural and career-building opportunities that will set you on a trajectory for success. For more information about the program or if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us directly at

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