Industrial and Systems Engineering Capstone Senior Projects

The Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) Capstone Senior Design project is a one-semester course, modeling the experience that an ISyE graduate typically encounters when working in industry. Students work in teams, mentored by a faculty member, to analyze problems, simulate and test alternative scenarios, optimize solutions to improve process/system effectiveness, increase productivity and operational efficiency and lower costs. The project is designed to give students the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills acquired throughout their undergraduate studies to solve real-world engineering problems.


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Evening Sort Process at SDMA Facilities

The objective is to cut down the one-hour evening sorting process’ (PM) cycle time, at the FedEx SDMA facility, by 10 minutes to provide the shuttles and CTV’s departing from the SDMA facility more travel time to arrive to the airport.

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Improving Receiving Logistics

The team's project deliverables include a simulation model and scheduling tool to optimize the receiving schedule of international containers arriving at Jerome’s distribution center (DC).

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Material Staging Improvement

The goal is to improve the material staging process for protein bulk manufacturing to reduce the failure rate of work orders from 30% to at least 20%.

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Optimizing Nursing Staffing in Outpatient Clinic

The objective is to optimize the number of nursing shifts and their start and end times to match hematology and oncology patient demand.

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Optimizing Scheduling Time for Call Center

As of January 2018, Imaging Healthcare's call center agents were scheduling patients within a five-minute average scheduling time and the objective is to minimize the scheduling time.

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Predator B & Gray Eagle Extended Range Laminates

The project goal is to improve the shipset throughput of the Predator B and Gray Eagle Extended Range in the Large Laminates work center.

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Reducing Metal Plating Thickness Variation

The team's goal is to reduce variation of thickness in Cobham's metal plating process.


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Ambient Racking Optimizing - DC Receiving

This is a process improvement project on receiving warehouse at the Thermo Fisher Carlsbad, California campus with the goal to improve shelving processes, as well as physical shelving within the receiving watehouse to accommodate additional SKUs.

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Decrease Freezer Energy Consumption

The goal is to decrease freezer energy consumption through improved maintenance and utilization at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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FedEx Package Sort Process Improvement

The objective is to reduce the PM sort time by 10% so trucks can leave the SDMA facility earlier to arrive to the airport on time, and reduce late departures.

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Integrate External Lab into Existing Thermo Fisher Lab

The goal is to integrate an external lab, its materials and people into the existing lab space by redesigning the layout to ensure the new layout minimizes distance traveled per worker while making the process flow smoothly with added equipment and workers.

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Thermo Fisher Customer Special Order (CSO) Completion Shortage Improvement

The goal is to reduce the shortage experienced by customer special orders at Thermo Fisher in Carlsbad, California.

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Thermo Fisher Label Inspection System

The goal is to design a label identification system that inspects labels coming out of a thermal transfer printer, compares them to a golden template from a database, and makes a decision to accept or reject the label.