Industrial and Systems Engineering Opportunities

​What can you do with an industrial and systems engineering degree?

Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) majors have a lot of flexibility upon graduation. With this degree, you can work in any industry or environment and start with a higher salary, compared to other degrees. Many industrial and systems engineers work as a:

  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • Facilities Designer
  • Data Scientist
  • Operations Manager
  • Supply Chain Engineer
  • Operation Research Analyst
  • Process Improvement Engineer (Six Sigma / Lean)
  • Ergonomics and Safety Engineer
  • Sustainability Engineer

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Be prepared for your career in ISyE.

At USD, we help you to acquire the technical knowledge and skills needed to address the broad spectrum of problems and possibilities encountered as an ISyE. We encourage our students to maximize their educational experience and take ownership of their career development by getting involved. Opportunities are all just a click away to help you on your path to building a solid, meaningful career in industrial and systems engineering — and have some fun while you're doing it.

students presenting capstone project Capstone Senior Projects

Where your ideas come to life.

student and faculty working on project Undergraduate Research

Laying the groundwork for innovation.

hands with notebook and coffee Internships

Gain practical, hands-on experience.

group of students with paddles Student Organizations

Developing the whole student.

two people holding camera Entrepreneurship

Bring your ideas to market.

truck racing Industry Partnerships

Connect with local professionals.

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