Computer Science

Engage your technological creativity.

Computer science studies the theory and practice of software development. Software is everywhere — it runs every desktop, mobile and web apps we use. And it's embedded in systems and devices of all kinds. In fact, nearly every company and organization relies on great software to run smoothly and efficiently.

Many think of software development as solitary, repetitive work. But it's far more stimulating than that. It pulls teams of developers together, using both computational thinking and abstract reasoning, with a good dose of creative problem-solving.

Together, they devise and express algorithms for particular problems that can be solved in software. And they use abstract reasoning to manage the complexity of software projects that can become quite large, sometimes totaling millions of lines of code. The ultimate team sport? We'd say so. And you don't even have to break a sweat.

Program Snapshot

  • BS or BA Degree
  • 4+1 Masters option

Choosing the path that's right for you.

The best way for students to discover if they like computer science is to try it out — take a class or two. The first two classes in the computer science program are Computational Problem Solving (COMP 110), and Programming Abstractions and Methodologies (COMP 120). If you find you enjoy programming, you're an excellent candidate for majoring in computer science. And if your main interests lie elsewhere but you do like programming, you might consider a double-major or a computer science minor. Since software is used in nearly any job, your software development skills will boost your value in your future field. In fact, just taking a course or two will set you up to learn programming skills specific to your discipline.

Requirements to complete the CS program.

Requirements to complete the 4+1 program.

Requirements to complete a minor in CS.

Interested in taking a CS course or two?

Why choose USD's Computer Science program?

One of the most important skills of a successful computer scientist is the ability to problem solve. Here, you'll learn to solve technical problems and serve society with personal guidance from accomplished, devoted faculty in an intimate classroom setting. We offer in hands-on experience and access to cultural and career-building opportunities that will set you on a trajectory for success.

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