Casual Conversations with Faculty

Get to know your professors.

Diana Chen, PhD Play Video
Diana Chen, PhD Integrated Engineering

"Don't worry your life away," — a motto for Diana Chen, PhD.

Daniel Codd, PhD Play Video
Daniel Codd, PhD Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Codd, PhD studied solar energy at MIT.
Odesma Dalrymple, PhD Play Video
Odesma Dalrymple, PhD Industrial and Systems Engineering
Odesma Dalrymple, PhD sees a more colorful future in engineering.
John Glick, PhD Play Video
John Glick, PhD Computer Science
John Glick, PhD chats about life as a professor.
Mark Heckman, PhD Play Video
Mark Heckman, PhD Computer Science

Students' "aha" moments are Mark Heckman, PhD's payoff as a professor.

Gordon Hoople, PhD Play Video
Gordon Hoople, PhD Integrated Engineering
Gordon Hoople, PhD is passionate about bringing social justice into the curriculum.
Imane Khalil, PhD Play Video
Imane Khalil, PhD Mechanical Engineering
The key to success is showing up, says Imane Khalil, PhD.
Kathleen Kramer, PhD Play Video
Kathleen Kramer, PhD Electrical Engineering
Kathleen Kramer, PhD serves as navigator to help students make good choices.
Susan Lord, PhD Play Video
Susan Lord, PhD Integrated Engineering
Susan Lord, PhD helps military veterans connect the dots toward a pathway to engineering.
Truc Ngo, PhD Play Video
Truc Ngo, PhD Industrial and Systems Engineering
Truc Ngo, PhD trains students to be ready for the "real world".
Leonard Perry, PhD Play Video
Leonard Perry, PhD Industrial and Systems Engineering
Leonard Perry, PhD is inspiring "people" engineers.
Venkat Shastri, PhD Play Video
Venkat Shastri, PhD Electrical Engineering
It's never dull when Venkat Shastri, PhD is around.