Maritza Johnson

Professor of Practice
Center Director

  • PhD, Columbia University
  • BA, University of San Diego

Dr. Maritza Johnson is an expert in human-centered security and privacy. She aims to make it easier for people to enjoy technological advancements while worrying less about security and privacy.  Through her work she shapes how organizations design and deploy data systems. Teams bring her in to talk about user experience but the work inevitably goes much deeper than expected.  

Her industry experience includes working as a user experience researcher on identity, security, and privacy at Google, and as a technical privacy manager at Facebook. In 2018, she co-created a usable privacy and security course for UC Berkeley's Master of Information and Cybersecurity program. She completed her PhD at Columbia University and wrote her dissertation on end-user access control, including researching whether people can correctly manage their Facebook privacy settings. In a few words, it’s complicated.  This work was recognized as a Privacy Paper for Policymakers in 2011. She was awarded an AT&T Labs Research Fellowship in 2007.


Areas of Expertise

consumer privacy, data protection, human-centered security, usable security, data strategy, notice and consent for data use, research ethics